How to Make Ice Cream & The Science Behind It

how to make ice cream craftrina 5
F How to make ice cream. Want to know a secret? Even better, want to know the secret to making yummy ice cream right at home? It's actually quite simple, the secret is lowering the temperature of ice below it's freezing point. You have to lower the freezing point of ice to actually freeze the cream. So, how exactly are you supposed to do this? How about using table salt? I have a nice simple recipe for you to use, so you can make your own ice cream in your own kitchen! This is a really fun activity to do with your kids. Not only do they have fun, but their also learning the science behind making ice cream. At the end of this post, I explain the science behind this yummy goodness! | How to Make Ice Cream-Ingredients You'll Need: Half & halfGranulated sugarVanilla extractCrushed iceRock Salt2 Large Zip-Lock...

How is Root Beer Made? | DIY Tutorial

How is root beer made. You know how to make coffee, hot chocolate, tea, milk shakes, chocolate milk and other similar drinks, but do you know how to make homemade root beer? If you don't, soon you will—because I'm going to share with you exactly how to make your very own homemade root beer! This is also a really fun learning experiment for kids to help with. You get root beer with a mixture of chemistry and physics. Wait! Don't run away just yet! Don't let the mention of chemistry or physics scare you—I promise this will be an experiment both you and your child will enjoy! Most sodas are created with five key components: high-quality water, sugar, coloring, flavoring, and just a bit of carbonation.  Before we get into the process of making root beer, I want to really stress how important the kind of water is to the end result of...

How to Make Slime Like at the Store!

How to Make Slime. So, let me guess—your on a hunt to find the recipe to make the ooey gooey awesome store grade slime? Well then, consider yourself lucky that you found my post, because I really want to share how to make store bought slime with you! The recipe is rather quite simple, you'll be surprised. Now, before you start thinking that this recipe is yet again the same old recipe you find floating around on Pinterest and countless mommy blogs, allow me to reassure you by telling your it's not. While the ingredients are very much similar, (as Walter White says) with a little tweak of chemistry —you get real deal slime you find at toy stores. This slime is way more superior to the Elmer's Glue recipe, I promise! I bet you're excited aren't you?      HOW TO MAKE SLIME-EXPERIMENT MATERIALS 4% polyvinyl...

How to Keep Flowers Fresh | 9 Tricks

How to keep flowers fresh Craftrina
How to Keep Flowers Fresh |Displaying a vase of beautiful flowers in your home can make a beautiful center piece, it can also affect our mood in a positive way too! Flowers can immediately make us happy and have long-term effects on our mood. Flowers have been known to people feel less depressed, less anxious or less agitated after being given flowers.  I live on the border of Wisconsin and Illinois, so usually around this time there's not a flower growing outside in site due to frigid weather. Ok, so maybe this year right around this time is the best example since we've had 70 and 80 degree weather for the past week (but, I don't think anyone's complaining!). However, if you do live where the weather is too cold for flowers, being able to bring pretty flowers and their beautiful aromas in your home makes a big difference. So, what can you...

CBD Clip Art FREE| CBD Logo Download | CBD Logo PNG

FREE CBD Clip Art | CBD Logo Download | CBD Logo PNG. As you may or may not already know, Craftrina Handmade recently opened their doors to vendors selling handmade infused CBD products.We support and celebrate the use of CBD and the wonderful benefits that it offers users. Read more:

Why You Should Be Selling on Craftrina Handmade

Why you should be selling on Craftrina Handmade
Why You Should Be Selling on Craftrina Handmade-You may be asking yourself what Craftrina Handmade has to offer to you the seller and we agree, you should be asking this question before signing up to any e-commerce multi-vendor marketplace. After all, it’s YOUR business on the line, right? As a seller, you want to make sure that a potential marketplace offers all the seller features necessary to run your small business. A good marketplace will always have an easy to access list that points out all the key features they have to offer to their sellers.  If a marketplace doesn’t, then run. There’s no point in taking the time (and in some cases money) to set up your shop only to find out that a feature doesn’t exist. So, today we wanted to give you a complete run down of all the wonderful seller features Craftrina Handmade has to...

How to Single Crochet & Foundation Single Crochet

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How to single crochet-Many crochet patterns use a combination of only five basic crochet stitches—slip stitch, single crochet, half double crochet, double crochet, and treble crochet. The great thing about these five stitches is that they’re made using the same techniques used to make the chain stitch. In this article, we’ll only focus on the single crochet. We'll use the abbreviation for single crochet, which is sc. Creating a practice swatch is the best way to learn single crochet, so that’s exactly what we’re going to do! Learning to single crochet should only take 20-30 minutes of your time). Since this is a practice swatch, don’t beat yourself up to make it perfect. The whole point is practicing so you get the hang of single crochet. I have included picture examples for both right and left handed crocheter’s. How to...
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