Guest Posting Guidelines

Craftrina HANDMADE BLOG guest Posting

Love guest posting? We’re delighted to feature guest bloggers on the Craftrina Handmade blog because we love for our readers to experience different perspectives, important expertise, interesting ideas and relevant insights. We’re looking for content that’s actionable and targeted toward our readers.

We value creativity and originality and we highly suggest checking out our blog to get a sense of what works for our site and readers. If you’re a regular reader of our blog, then you’re already aware that we will only provide high-quality content.

Guest Posting-Start Here

Please take the time to carefully read our guest posting guidelines to ensure that you can meet our requirements. Your content has to fit in with the theme of our site. Please make sure that you have taken the time to look around our site and become familiar with our blog content and our values. Any guest post we receive that’s off topic won’t be considered.

Please submit a title and a brief outline of your article idea prior to writing your guest post in order to increase your chances of publication. Our blogging team will review it and get back to you within a timely manner.

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We currently don’t pay for guest posting. When you submit a guest post, you’re doing so with the knowledge that you won’t be entitled to any compensation for writing the post or for any other compensation related to the post.

We accept guest posting in all languages.


Articles must be at least 1,200 words, if not 2,000.

We look for articles that provide valuable advice; you really can’t provide much advice in a 500 word article. We aren’t looking for guest post writers just cranking out mediocre content just for the sake of links.

Post Titles

Post titles must have initial caps and no more than 70 characters in length.


Please subheads (H2, H1, etc.), bullet lists, number lists and ordered lists are encouraged for a positive user experience and readability. Using headings, subheadings, lists, and other formatting tricks helps break up your content into easily readable sections.

Spelling and Grammar

We won’t accept posts with spelling or grammar errors. When we receive posts with spelling and grammar errors, it tells us you didn’t spend much time writing it. So, please spell check.


Your article should contain a minimum of 4 links –Almost every topic under the sun is available online. We’re not looking for the same information already found on other sites. So, please link out to the sites that have already done a good job covering the information. We check all links prior to publishing your guest post to our site. Any links that aren’t relevant or link to spam will get removed.

All links will be approved by Craftrina Handmade

All search engine optimization (“SEO”) information, such as anchor text or alt tags, are reviewed and subject to inclusion at our sole discretion.

We will remove any excessive links or links that appear commercial. We reserve the right to remove any link including your byline in our sole discretion.

We’re happy to give you credit as the author of your post. We’ll display you’re author bio at the bottom of the page below your guest post.

We allow two links in your byline linking to your own blog, or social media account. Affiliate links or links pointing to affiliate sites aren’t allowed.


We don’t require that you submit images with your guest post, however, it’s highly recommended. If you choose to include relevant images with your post, please make sure you follow our image guidelines below.

  • Make sure images and video directly relate to the post content.
  • Use inspiring images
  • You must own or have the right to use the images and/or video and allow us to use them.

If you don’t want to worry about copyright, you can simply purchase royalty-free.

You can also use Creative Common images from sites such as Flickr. Photos on Flickr don’t have copyright restrictions, but do require a few Creative Common attributes such as” like”,  “share,” “modify,” or “non-commercial use.”  Please remember that whatever type of attribution you choose to use, please be polite & respectful and link to the original Flickr page you found the image on.

If you find an image on another website or social media profile that would fit perfectly with your post, contact the owner and simply ask for permission to use their photo.

If you’re including pictures of people, you must ensure that you have their permission to use them. Content (such as pictures) posted on by a user can be used on the Craftrina Handmade Blog or social media accounts.

Image requirements

Acceptable file formats- .jpg, .gif, .png, or .pdf file format and meet our size/quality requirements:

Feature image (Optional): width of 800px and a height of 450px.

Large Image (Optional): 656px by 410px.

Medium Image (Optional): 300px by 199px.

Video requirements

Total film length requirement between 1 and 3 minutes and include credits.

Detail and Uniqueness

Only detailed and unique content is published—NO EXCEPTIONS. Detailed and unique content consists of at  least 1,200 words or more with actual valuable information. We want information that actually pertains to our site. Plagiarism is not permitted. When quoting others, please cite your sources accordingly. So please, take the time to make your article exceptional.

We want new and fresh content.

Balanced Content, Not Self-Serving

We want balanced content that doesn’t sell a service or promote a business —Lopsided propaganda is not allowed — especially if you’re associated with the product or service being mentioned. We also don’t allow self-promotion within the content of your article. Please save that information for your author bio.

Content submitted CANNOT be unlawful, abusive, threatening, harassing, tortious, defamatory, vulgar, profane, obscene, libelous, invasive of one’s privacy, hateful, embarrassing, harmful to minors, or racially, ethnically or otherwise objectionable to any other person or entity.

Content CANNOT solicit for any purpose or be of commercial nature.

Content Reuse/Spinning

We don’t accept content spinning of any sort. A guest blog post should be original content and not re purposed in its entirety on your website or any other blog. Please be aware that every guest post article we receive is run through CopyScape, which points out any duplicate or similar articles online. If you wish to discuss the post on your blog while linking to it is acceptable.

Provide Proper Attribution

You must provide links or searchable references for data, quotations and other third-party content referenced in the article.

Submit in an Acceptable Format

Your post should be submitted in HTML (preferable) or in a Word document with any image files (including attribution) attached separately.

Include a Brief Author Bio

Your bio should only contain 1 or 2 links. They may only link to your website, blog, or a social media page—that’s it. Please limit your author bio to 100 words.

You may include an author bio head shot. Please provide a 100 x 100px head shot to include with the bio if you choose.

Supporting Our Handmade Community

Guest post writers need to help build and support the Craftrina Handmade community. We want guest post writers that read our content, learn from it, and contribute by commenting. In order to continually build our handmade community, we require that guest post writers to contribute to it. In addition to contributing your guest post, you also are required to reply to comments left on your guest post. Replies to comments don’t have to be lengthy, just as long as you acknowledge and respond to the a timely manner. Please check the blog post intermittently to respond to any questions or comments.

In addition, you must also be available to monitor and answer any questions or comments on Facebook after your post is published. You responses MUST maintain a professional and positive tone.

Guest bloggers are encouraged to distribute their post via their website/blog and throughout social media, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or other social media platforms. *Promoting your post does give you’re the right to post the entire article on your website/blog or social media profiles. However, you may include a link to your guest post and a short sentence or two explaining what your article is about.

Guest Posting-Word of Warning

***Any irrelevant guest post ideas submitted will be deleted immediately. You will not receive a response from Craftrina Handmade. Irrelevant guest post ideas tell us you didn’t take the time or have any interest in actually looking through our site to know who we are, what we represent, and what we value.

You’ll receive an email from us within three business days, accepting or denying your guest post with comments.


How to Submit Your Post Pitch and Title

You can submit your post pitch and title using the first submission form provided below.

After Submitting Your Title and Post Pitch

Please note that not all title and post pitching will be selected for publication on the Craftrina Handmade blog. We expect to receive more submissions than we can use. Additionally, we have the right to reject guest post submissions that don’t meet or follow our guest post guidelines or posts we feel aren’t a good fit with our blog.

We ask that you refrain from contacting us to request the status of your title and post pitch submission.

You must make us aware of any actual or potential conflict of interest in connection with your guest post submission.

We may require you to make edits to your guest post if we feel they are necessary to ensure that your post stays congruous with our values and tone.

We reserve the right to add our own images or videos if we feel they help improve the post. *This does not give you the right to use the images or videos we include your post.

All submissions must be reviewed and approved by us prior to publication.

Guest Posting Submission Process After Your Pitch Has Been Approved

Please submit your post using the second provided submission form below once your post has been approved by Craftrina Handmade.

You must agree to our Guest Blogger Agreement as part of the submission process.

If your pitch is selected, we will try to provide you with notice at least one week before the date we intend to publish your blog post and social media post so that you are available to monitor and answer questions or comments on each post.


Thanks for your interest in contributing to the Craftrina Handmade blog! We welcome your awesome content and will do our absolute best to promote your post on our social media pages to help you build your personal brand. Together—we’re putting the hand back in “handmade”!

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