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At Craftrina we take the integrity of our marketplace and the handmade goods sold within, very seriously. We’re strictly a handmade marketplace. In order to ensure the authenticity of products being sold in our marketplace, each potential seller must go through the Craftrina Seller Screening Process.

In order to apply, you must request request an invitation from us. To request a seller’s invitation, please fill out the first registration form below (for those not already registered as a Craftrina customer. If you’re already registered as a Craftrina customer, please complete the second seller form below. We ask that you provide as much detail as possible. The more detail you provide, the better chance you have at being approved as a Craftrina seller.

Why You Should Be Selling on Craftrina Handmade

If you’re not already selling on Craftrina Handmade, you should be. We get it, now a day handmade sellers are skeptical about trying new multi-vendor marketplaces. The reason that sellers are skeptical is due to the fact that these multi-vendor marketplaces aren’t being transparent enough. Sellers want to know exactly what to expect before they decide to sell on a platform. Sellers want to know why they should choose a selling platform and if it’s worth their time and money.

Things Sellers Look for in Multi-Vendor Marketplaces

Is the platform user-friendly?

Seller fees

Selling features

Here’s an in-depth look into the benefits of selling on Craftrina Handmade.

Selling on Craftrina Handmade-Abandoned Cart

Recovers items left in carts, so you can recover orders and make the sale. Customers can recover their abandoned cart with a single click. Our abandoned cart feature captures guest carts as well.

Sellers have the option to offer customers incentives such as discounts and coupons when they return and complete their order at checkout.

Selling on Craftrina Handmade-Customer Wish Lists/Favorite Lists

Allows customers to save their favorite products and makes it easy to find when they are ready to purchase.

Selling on Craftrina Handmade-Booking  Feature

The booking feature allows sellers to coordinate bookings for services such as customization and personalization.

Selling on Craftrina Handmade-Flexible Shipping Options

Sellers are able to calculate shipping costs based on weight and/or cart total

Possible Shipping Scenarios

Shipping costs based on cart weight

Shipping costs based on cart total

Adding handling or insurance costs above a certain value

Creating COD (cash on delivery) shipping method with additional costs

These are just a few examples. The possibilities are probably endless!

Flexible Shipping Method Features:

Unlimited shipping methods and cost rules

Add titles and descriptions to your shipping methods

Shipping cost based on cart total and/or weight

Minimum and maximum values for cart total and/or weight

Summing cost rules if they are matched – option to add costs based on cart total and weight at the same time


Selling on Craftrina Handmade-Multiple Shipping Selections.

Packages can be broken down based on shipping classes or on a per product basis. Each

Group will have its own shipping selection under the shipping section of the cart and checkout forms.

In addition, this feature can limit which shipping methods are used for each package.

Selling on Craftrina Handmade-Order Delivery Date
The post purchase customer experience is just as important as the acquisition process. That’s why we made order delivery dates available to sellers. It helps you to improve your customer service by delivering the orders on the customer’s specified date.

This feature allows your customers to choose a delivery date on the checkout page. This reduces cart abandonment by 50%.

Selling on Craftrina Handmade-Out of Stock Message

This feature distinguishes in stock products from products that are out of stock by displaying a dynamically applied image overlay to all product images that are out of stock.


Selling on Craftrina Handmade-Invoices, Packing Slips, Delivery Notes, and Shipping

This feature allows seller to streamline their Craftrina shop.

It’s good practice to include an invoice and packing slip when you are shipping a package. It serves as a confirmation of what the package contains along with your contact information and the details of the purchase.

When you sell internationally, it is a standard requirement in many countries to include an invoice. The Invoice should contain all the required order details such as name and address of your company, billing address of your customer, and a list of all order items including taxes and totals.

Furthermore, it establishes an extra line of communication between you and the customer and adds a human touch.


Customize your Store Logo and Store Name on Email Invoice and PDF Invoice, Packing Slip, Delivery Note & Shipping Label.

Print Invoice, Packing List, Delivery Note & Label from within the Order Page.

Generate PDF Shipping Label, PDF Packing Slip, PDF Delivery Note, PDF Dispatch Label and PDF Invoice.

Auto generates customized Invoice Number. Or use Order Number as Invoice Number.

Generate Shipping Label/ Address Label: Generate and print shipping label from within your shop dashboard. Configure Base Ship From Address: You can set the base address of the store which will be used in the label as the ‘shipping from’ address.

Preview before printing: This feature allows you to view what a printed Label would look like on the screen before printing a hard copy.

This feature provides a simple interface for taking orders at the Point of Sale using your Craftrina shop.

Selling on Craftrina Handmade-Product Bundles

The product bundles features allows sellers to bundle a few products with pre-defined quantities, offer them at a discount and sales go up!

The bundle has smart price calculation so when changing the price of the individual product; the bundle price will be changed too.


Set quantity for each product

Auto calculate regular & sale price

Ability to add the variable product or exactly a variation to the bundle

Mark the bundle is customizable (change the quantity of bundled products)

Mark the bundle is virtual or downloadable

Selling on Craftrina Handmade-Out of Stock Notification

With this feature, you never have to worry about missing a sale. This feature lets prospective buyers subscribe to a product when it is out of stock. Once subscribed, customers will get an email notification when the product becomes available.


Creates a form for out of stock product. Interested customers can register with their email address.

Customers can subscribe to any out of stock product in your shop.

As soon as the product becomes available, an alert email will be sent to interested customers.

Selling on Craftrina Handmade-Product Subtitles

In addition to the product title, you also have the option to add a subtitle to provide customers with various options.

Selling on Craftrina Handmade-Print Shipping Labels for USPS at a Discounted Rate

Give customers lower rates on their shipping. Create ready-to-print shipping labels for USPS directly from your shop and take advantage of our special discount rate.

Collect Accurate Taxes at Checkout

We’ve got taxes for you – no need to enter tax rates manually.

Accept Payments Instantly

Have a Stripe account created on your behalf or accept PayPal Checkout payments without having to setup an account.

Selling on Craftrina Handmade-Waitlists

The waitlist feature lets you track demand for out-of-stock items, ensuring your customers feel informed, and therefore more likely to buy.

Sends email as soon as product arrives in stock.

Ask users, how much quantity they need.

Selling on Craftrina Handmade-Coupon Email System

Our coupon email system lets you send an automatic rewarding email for a customer’s first purchase. Rewarding customers builds brand loyalty and repeat sales.

Selling on Craftrina Handmade-Product Add-Ons

Product Add-Ons allows your customers to select additional paid options for the products they are going to purchase which helps increase their average spending amount.

Selling on Craftrina Handmade-Review Reminder

The purpose of the review reminder is to increase the number of reviews on the products in your shop. An email will be sent through an automatic system to users to invite them to review one or more products they purchased..

Selling on Craftrina Handmade-SMS Notifications Documentation

The value of your shop will increase when you use SMS Notifications.

Each time an order changes its status, the site administrator and the user will be immediately notified by a SMS, which text can be easily edited from the panel.

Sellers can choose among the different providers, the SMS service they prefer, and enable the notification system.

Selling on Craftrina Handmade-Size Charts

This feature allows sellers to add a detailed table or chart with all size information about their products.

Selling on Craftrina Handmade-Advanced Refund System

With Advanced Refund System integrates an advanced system that lets you manage refund claims for one or more items your customers have purchased.

Provides an overall improved user experience when buying products.

Selling on Craftrina Handmade-Product Import/Export

The product import export plugin allows you to import or export products painlessly and saving you time.

Selling on Craftrina Handmade-Reports /Stats

Sellers can see their sales report, generate statements and shop overview.

Selling on Craftrina Handmade-Additional Seller Features


Every seller gets their own store with a unique URL and branding.

Beautiful storefront styles with contact details and widgets

Product Management

Create and manage your products

Create variable or downloadable products.

Manage product shipping, attributes.

Manage downloadable product permission, expiry date and download limit

Selling on Craftrina Handmade-Direct Deposit

Sellers can choose when they get paid and payments are direct deposited.

Selling on Craftrina Handmade-Email Subscriber List

Craftrina shops are built with email subscriber call to action so each seller can communicate with customers after a sale.


After We Review Your Invitation Request, One of Three Things Will Happen:


  1. You will receive a Acceptance email containing your invitation to open your shop on Craftrina. 

  2. You will receive an email requesting further information. 

  3. You will receive an email stating that you’re request has been denied, the reason why you were denied, and what you would need to change in order to sell Craftrina.



Transaction Fees
% 3.5 Per Sale + Payment Processing Fee's
  • 2.9%
  • $.30

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